Zakład Usług Pogrzebowych Janusz Piskorski

What to do when a loved one dies?

  • In case your loved one passes away you should call a doctor who will confirm the person’s death and issue a certificate (which is essential in order to obtain a death card)
  • The doctor’s certificate is the basis for transporting the body.
  • Then you should notify the funeral parlour so that they can transport the body to the cold store. Our employees will transport the body of the deceased person to the cold store and inform you about the further procedure.
  • On the same or the next day, you should contact us by phone or visit one of our offices in order to settle the details of the funeral ceremony such as:

         – the date of burial

         – the date cremation,

         – choice of cemetery and burial place,

         – selection of coffin, urn,

         – the type of rite and details of the ceremony.

  • Documents required to organize the burial

         – Death Certificate

         – ID card of the person dealing with the formalities.

For your convenience, we will arrange all formalities required to obtain a funeral grant from the Social Security (ZUS) as well as complete necessary documents to be submitted to Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS).